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Recommended Rack Systems

There are many ways to rack your rig for a TRIAK. Here are two great options from Yakima and Thule that have proven the test of time and, most importantly, fit the TRIAK hull well. Thule A combination of the Thule’s Set-to-Go in the front and Hydro-Glides in the rear work great with a TRIAK. …

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Proper Sheeting and Heel Angle

A common habit among many sailors is to over-sheet and over trim. As the saying goes, “When in doubt, let it out!” This is especially true when sailing the TRIAK. With it’s wing and outrigger design, the boat only heels over so far before the wing tip starts to bury in the water causing the …

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Proper Transport Procedures

It is important to properly secure your TRIAK(s) to the roof of your car whether going a few miles or crossing several states. It is recommended to have a roof rack system that is rated for the weight of the boat and gear you will be carrying and that the racks are properly secured to …

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Optional Retrieval Line Rigging for Snuffer1

If the lower loop threads give way, sew them up tight again.

There are some options to rigging the retrieval line that can help ease the operation of spinnaker retrievals with the Snuffer1. 1. Large Loop or Ball on Top Loop The first is simple but can produce great results. One thing that happens, especially over time and use, is the two retrieval “loops” on the spinnaker …

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