Receiving Your TRIAK

TRIAKs are packed safely in a wooden crate.


Please reference your packing slip to make sure your order is complete. Paddle, bags, and covers purchased ship with your boat from the factory. Other accessories and gear, such as cockpit cover, spray skirt, cart, etc. will ship from our Headquarters in San Diego.


If you pick your new TRIAK up at an Authorized Dealer, the boat will be unpacked and ready to put on your car.


For those recieving their new TRIAK outside of a Dealer Service Area, your boat will most likely ship in a wooden crate. Be prepared with a cordless driver-drill with a charged battery or two. Use a phillips-head screw driver attachment to remove the screws holding the top in place. There are several cross-braces which will also need screws removed on the sides of the crate. After the top and braces are removed, carefully lift the boat parts and main hull out of the crate.


Your new TRIAK will arrive wrapped and protected by a layer of plastic and optionally inside a crate.

The boat consists of the following main components:

  • Main Hull
  • Wing
  • Floats (together)
  • Mast
  • Daggerboard (typically packed in the rear hatch)

Once you have removed the boat components from the crate, inspect to ensure all parts are there.

Your daggerboard and paddle (if purchased) will be packed inside the rear hatch during shipping.

If you ordered covers and bags, they will be folded up and placed within the crate.

Please properly dispose and recycle the discarded packing materials.

TRIAK packed in a crate.
TRIAKs are packed safely in a wooden crate.
TRIAK crate with the top secure.
Use a cordless driver-drill to remove the screws from the crate.

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