Rack Systems

Thule 878XT Set-to-Go

There are many ways to rack your rig for a TRIAK. Here are two great options from Yakima and Thule that have proven the test of time and, most importantly, fit the TRIAK hull well.


A combination of the Thule’s Set-to-Go in the front and Hydro-Glides in the rear work great with a TRIAK. The Hydro-Glide felt and flat platforms let the TRIAK slide easily onto the roof. The Set-to-Go pads offer a nice range of angles; the next to most vertical works the best for the TRIAK’s hull and keep the boat in place and secure.

Front: 878XT Set-to-Go

Thule 878XT Set-to-Go

Rear: 875XT Hydro-Glide

875XT Hydro-Glide



A great combination from Yakima is the Mako Sadle up front, and the Hully Rollers in the rear. When placed close together, the Hully Rollers let you roll your TRIAK up onto the roof of your car and also keep the boat secure when strapped down. The Mako Sadles have a great shape to hold the forward part of the hull securely to your rack system.

Front: Mako Sadles


Yakima Mako Saddles

Rear: Hully Rollers


Yakima Hully Rollers










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