TRIAKing Lake Tahoe

Morning - sunny, calm paddling.

In June, we took 2 TRIAKs to Lake Tahoe for some R&D, testing, and fun with the family. A great time was had by all and the weather was fantastic. The trip was an excellent example of how people of all ages and experience levels enjoy TRIAKing.

Starting the trip was a bit of a mission. As we bombed up the I-5 from San Diego for the 10 hour drive to Lake Tahoe, the trusty TRIAKsports VW Touareg TDI blew a belt that drove the alternator and power steering. In the process the belt obliterated a clustor of electronic sensors. It was destiny that we were only 2.4 miles from a VW dealership! We also got lucky that the tow truck driver decided to ignore the state law of towing a vehicle with kayaks on the roof! It proves that you can put 2 TRIAKs on a flat bed tow truck – a first to our knowledge ;)

Some trips don’t start how you expect!

After 4-5 days of glassy morning paddles and excellent windy, choppy afternoon sailing, the trip was topped off by a family regatta. Daniel, age 15 with no prior sailing experience, out sailed everyone for the win. Valarie, age 19, and again with zero sailing experience, came in second. Both had only been TRIAKing for 4 days and went from nervousness to absolutely ripping and sailing gracefully. Why? The TRIAK is a great boat to learn in. Once the sailor figures out they aren’t going to capsize they are able to focus on the feel of the wing powering the boat. The responsiveness of the TRIAK  helps beginners feel the groove and learn how to trim the sails at different points of sail.

Morning – sunny, calm paddling.

The mornings were completely calm and sunny. Each morning we would take the mast and daggerboard out and paddle along the shoreline and out past the mooring buoys to enjoy the peacefulness and the amazing 360 degree views of snow capped mountains. Lake Tahoe is really an incredible place and we highly recommend if if you ever get the chance to visit.


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